The “magnetotherapy” word means the application of a mainly magnetic field, originated from low and high frequencies, for therapeutic purposes.

The magnetotherapy regenerates the injured cells by improving the enzyme kinetics and repolarizes the cellular membranes; furthermore, it produces an anti-stress action and promotes an acceleration of all reparative phenomenons, with bioregenerating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, without side effects.

The magnetotherapy is a physiotherapy form, that uses electromagnetic energy and it is an effective, safe and not invasive cure. The magnetic fields interact with cells, favoring the recovery of the physiological conditions of equilibrium. It is indicated in cases where it is necessary to stimulate tissue regeneration after damaging events of various kinds.

The generated electromagnetic fields promote safe results without the use of drugs.

The magnetotherapy’s benefits: Relieve the pain, accelerates the healing processes, stimulates the cellular exchange, improves the nutrition and the oxygenation of tissues, reduces the inflammations, stimulates the resorption of eadema, improves the capillary flow, slows down the process of bone density decrease.