A great majority of all travel related medical problems can be solved in primary care settings or at the patients accommodation. So, at Medicus we filter the medical problems in order to cut down on the number of patients being hospitalized.

Our Doctors can be called out to patient's accommodation (to their home, to their hotel ...) at any time, day or night. Our visiting doctor service gives our patient the opportunity to be with their family members or friends during their sickness. This also means lower costs and real savings over care in a hospital.

Our Doctors are fluent in English and can speak German. They are very well experienced in general practice.

When our reception takes your call, we dispatch one of our doctor to your accommodation. Response to doctor calls is normally within one hour (Non-emergencies). All of the greater Manavgat-Side area is covered by the service (from Kızılot to Gündoğdu, within a 50km range radius). Our doctor makes the diagnosis, arranges one of the chemist to deliver the necessary medicine to your accommodation.
Medicus has agreements with most private health insurance companies, and most patients with private health insurance do not face any out of pocket costs from Medicus. But some patients will be required to pay the excess or the cost of out-patient treatment, if they have chosen to have excess in their policy.
In this case, payment is made at the time of the visit by cash or credit cards. Our prices are in accordance with Turkish Medical Association minimum price list.
Our House Call services includes nurse visit to the patients home.
Those services may include to provide given prescribed treatments at home, care for elderly people and long term bed staying patient such as; blood taking, serum implementation (MD given treatments only), wound care at home, making Injections at home (MD given treatments only), medical equipment rental (Oxygenators, Oxygen cylinders, nebulizers, wheel chairs, some special beds ie.)