Vega Testing

VEGA Testing is a bio-energetic regulatory technique that has its origins in acupuncture and homeopathy.

VEGA Testing is a synthesis of age old Chinese medical knowledge and cutting-edge western technology.

Ill health begins on an informational/energetic level and, therefore, symptoms of an imbalance of energy (functional disturbances) can and do occur long before any pathological morphology is evident.

The first sign of abnormality in the body is an electrical charge. If abnormal electrical charges continue for long enough, then eventually structural changes will occur.

The VEGA machine measures these bio-energetic phenomena by recording the change in skin conductivity after application of a small voltage.

VEGA testing is a method of measuring a change in an acupuncture point. By placing a test substance into the measuring circuit the practitioner can readily observe these changes. Testing various ampoules provides the practitioner with an energetic evaluation of the health of the specific organs, tissues, and body systems, as well as indicating the affectivity of a particular remedy.