Perineural Injections

Neural Prolotherapy was developed by Dr John Lyftogt from New Zealand. It is a safe and effective treatment for painful conditions due to trauma, sport and occupation or other chronic non-malignant pain related issues. Neural Prolotherapy is sometimes referred to as Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) or Perineural Subcutaneous injections (PSI).

It Involves first making an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain, which is usually due to an injured and non-healing sensory nerve causing pain, inflammation and delay of healing.

The treatment consists of a series of small local injections immediately under the skin targeting painful and sensitive nerves with simple and natural substances. The substances used are Glucose in a low concentration.

Every treatment aims to extinguish the pain, which may last for a period of four hours to four days. After this the pain will return, but usually in a lesser form. Repeat weekly treatments will steadily reduce the overall pain and allow return of full function.

The average number of treatments required for most conditions is 6-8 and success rates vary between 80-100% depending on the condition.

There may be some bruising. However the treatment is very safe. No allergic reactions have yet been observed.

For most conditions recurrence is unlikely unless re-injury occurs.