Mesotherapy can be used to effectively treat muscle soreness and inflammation due to injury and to speed up recovery time. Overuse of the muscles can cause inflammation to the muscle, which can be extremely painful and healing can be a lengthy process.

Normally anti-inflammatory medication is prescribed to help with the healing process but this takes time. Mesotherapy allows you to choose the depth at which you want to apply the medication to the inflamed muscle. This will speed up the recovery process and get your patient back to full activity.

Mesotherapy can effectively treat musculoskeletal problems including tendinitis, arthritis, sprains, muscle strain, spinal disorders and back pain.

The benefit of Mesotherapy for treating pain is that patients no longer need to rely on high doses of daily pain pills which can eventually lead to liver and kidney damage.

Mesotherapy involves the delivery of small amounts of FDA approved medications (non-cortisone, non-steroid) via local injections instead of ingesting or injecting intramuscularly or intravenously much larger dosages of medications, which are filtered in the liver and kidney and travel throughout one's body.

This method of pain control also appears to be more cost-effective.

Sessions are a week apart for two to four weeks then bi-weekly for a month along with adjunctive physical therapy.

Mesotherapy treats pain so effectively, many patients experience pain relief immediately or within two or three days. Some people may need maintenance therapy several times a year.

The injections are virtually painless compared to trigger point injections or other therapy, for example some doctors uses FDA-approved, non-cortisone, non-steroid, anti-inflammatory medications to treat pain. Mesotherapy, of course, is not a "be-all, end-all" solution. Patients also require physical therapy to rehabilitate and strengthen their muscles and joints.